Things to Know about Using Air Cannon Technology in Your Farm Warehouse

As a farmer, you likely have some warehouses that are used for production of some kind. If these warehouses are older, you may only have fans in place to keep the area cool. This lack of proper cooling, ventilation, and air movement can lead to the breakdown of equipment and the overheating of other equipment. If you are looking for an upgrade that can benefit your farm warehouse production, an option may be to use an industrial air cannon. Here are some things to know if you have not considered this option.  

Timed Air Bursts

Timed air bursts are one of the leading benefits of some air cannon technology. The timed bursts can be set to go off every half hour or hour. You can also set them for specific times of day when production may be higher than at other times. During higher production times, the continuous air burst can keep the warehouse cooler and help reduce the chances of the production equipment overheating. Most of the air cannons with this timed technology can be adjusted at a timer or on a schedule through a Wi-Fi connected application. 

Improved Circulation

The room may feel like it is cool enough for the production equipment. The problem is, there are areas of the warehouse that will not be as cool. Pockets around equipment and production areas can become hotter than other areas of the warehouse. This can be due to the heat of the equipment, but it can be worse when the equipment is grouped together in smaller spaces. The air cannons can help to keep the air circulated around the warehouse when they are placed properly. This keeps air moving and reduces the chances of pockets of heat that can cause everything from mould and mildew to electrical overheating.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is a critical issue for many farmers with production warehouses. This is especially true during the hotter months of the year when temperatures can increase drastically and quickly. In fact, it is during the early morning hours when the heat index can raise quickly that most temperature issues and regulation of the temperatures occur. Air cannons can help to maintain the temperature by working in conjunction with existing HVAC systems and fans. This reduces the pressure on the fans and other systems and helps decrease the temperature even further. 

If you think that air cannon technology will help your farm warehouse and improve its environment, contact a business like ESS Engineering. You can get help with pricing, fitting the right air cannon for your warehouse, and installation. They can also discuss other options with you that may address different aspects of your HVAC needs on your farm.