Considerations to Make When Purchasing Car Elevators

The problem of having to figure out where to store and move vehicles conveniently in buildings, condominiums, garages, showrooms or homes is now forgotten due to the availability of car elevators. Additionally, with the population increasing in urban centres, there is limited space and car elevators functions well to save space. They are easy to use and can offer rooftop and basement parking solutions.

Location or Building to Install the Car Elevator

As indicated above, car elevators can be used in condominiums, garages, showrooms, homes, etc. Depending on these locations, there will be different needs. This will greatly impact the design of the car elevator. Most of these building want to save on space and it may not be recommended to get a large car elevator.

Type of Cars and Weight

This will, of course, be a key determinant of the car elevator you choose. You want to get one that can support the weight and size of your vehicles. For example, if you want the car elevator installed in a showroom, you will have to get different sizes depending on the type of cars you sell.

Hydraulic or Electric Mechanism Car Elevators

You might be asked whether you want a hydraulic or electric/traction powered car elevators. Basically, high-rise buildings may require more power, speed and efficiency, which is provided by the electric car elevators. They may also be pricey. However, if you don't live in a high-rise or do not require speed, you can get the hydraulic car elevators, suitable for homes, garages, showrooms, etc.


Depending on what you need the car elevator for or your environment/surrounding, you may want it customised in a particular manner. This is possible and you need to talk to the car elevator company to find out how the modifications can be done. Maybe you may want longer or wider platforms than the standard ones, some custom finishes or modifications to transport particular types of vehicles.

Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

When purchasing car elevators, you need to ask how an inspection is done and how to maintain them. A reputable car elevator company will have an inspection, maintenance and repair team. You will be advised on what inspections to be performing and how to regularly lubricate and make adjustments. Additionally, the team will be available to visit your premises if any problem occurs and carry out needed repairs.

Consider these aspects when getting a car lift or elevator so that your needs can be met fully and effectively.