Two mistakes that can result in accidents occurring in a factory

If you run a factory, it is very important to familiarise yourself with the type of errors that could result in accidents occurring in your facility. Here are two examples of mistakes that could lead to people being hurt.

Failing to recognise the need for more frequent inspections of the safety equipment

The safety equipment that is used in a factory is designed to mitigate many of the risks that come with using industrial equipment or performing dangerous types of activities in this environment. Things such as hard hats, safety harnesses, safety goggles and heatproof gloves and aprons can prevent serious issues such as head injuries, burns and eye wounds.

However, like any type of industrial equipment, this safety equipment won't remain in perfect condition forever. Over time, regular usage of this equipment may lead to the materials that it is made from thinning out, tearing or breaking, at which point the equipment will no longer be able to protect those who use it.

Because of this, it must be examined by a safety equipment inspection professional on a regular basis. The results of these inspections will indicate if the safety equipment can still perform its functions or if it needs to be replaced because it has reached the end of its lifespan.

One error that could result in your factory's safety equipment failing to protect the employees who use it is not recognising when this equipment needs to be inspected more frequently. For example, if you gain several new clients and your factory's manufacturing output increases, your employees may have to start using the safety gear several times a day rather than just a few times a week.

Being used on a daily basis will lead to the safety equipment deteriorating far more quickly than it did in the past when it was only being used a couple of times per week.

If you don't arrange for this safety equipment to be inspected more often in this situation, any wear and tear that affects its functionality won't be dealt with, and an employee may end up using it and getting hurt when it inevitably malfunctions.

Using equipment to carry out activities it is not designed for

Allowing your staff members to use the equipment in your factory for activities it is not designed for is a mistake that could definitely result in injuries.

For example, if your factory uses portable air cannons to handle blockages in your material handling systems, then it is vital not to let your employees use this equipment for any other type of work.

If, for instance, an employee were to try to use an air cannon to quickly clean up a collection of debris on the floor (in much the same way that a leaf blower pushes and tidies up loose leaves), there could be devastating consequences.

The extremely powerful jet of air that this equipment creates could not only send the debris flying into the faces of nearby workers (and leave them with cuts and bruises) but could also cause a fire if this blast of oxygen comes into contact with any sparks made by nearby machinery.