Top Reasons Why MIG Welders Are a Great Choice for Metalwork

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is one of the top methods of fabricating metals of the low alloy variety. It can be employed for an array of applications ranging from industrial work to residential repairs. While MIG welders are available in a variety of options, they tend to all provide you with the right results if you are using them for the proper applications. Thus, when deliberating on MIG welders, you have to determine if the one phase, three-phase or the one and three option is right for your needs. This piece illustrates the top reasons why MIG welders remain a top choice for metalwork.

Convenient Versatility

One of the reasons why MIG is a popular type of welder is the versatility that it accords both the metals you want to use as well as the type of job that you want to perform. For instance, in addition to stainless steel, you can use a MIG welder on nickel, aluminium and so on. MIG welders are also available in different types such as automatic, manual or semi-automatic options. Moreover, despite the type of welder that you buy, you are assured of quality results since the volume of spatter that is produced when in operation is quite negligible.

Preservation of Alloys

If you want your metalwork to include all the alloys of the metal you have chosen, then a MIG welder will be the best choice for your project. Unlike a few other types of fabrication processes, the MIG welding does not eliminate any alloy from the metal when it is being worked on. This characteristic ensures that the metalworking does not put the integrity of the alloy in jeopardy which, in turn, keeps the process much more efficient than some other fabrication techniques.


Another massive reason behind the growing popularity of MIG welding is that it is not complex to learn. When it comes to metal fabrication, a number of processes have an intricate learning curve, which means it can take you weeks or months to learn this technique and possibly delay your project. MIG welding is renowned for the simplicity that it offers when compared to a range of other metalwork alternatives. Therefore, not only can you master the technique quickly, but it also means your project can have a fast turnaround! Furthermore, when you factor in the enhanced control that you will have over the feed wire, you are also at a decreased risk of making mistakes during the metalworking project.

If you are interested in MIG welding for your next metal project, find a MIG welder near you.