Cutting Comments: How to Look After the Green, Green Grass of Home

Your kids may love the feel of fresh, green grass under their feet as they run around your sprawling garden. This is one of the reasons why you bought such a large property after all, and you, in turn, love to gaze out over the lawn each morning to take pride in your handiwork. However, to keep your landscaping in tiptop condition you've got to program a set schedule, use the right techniques, and look after your equipment. In particular, you need to maintain your lawn mower, or it could shred your playground to pieces. What do you need to do to keep your mower in fighting shape?


Firstly, it's important to keep the underside of the mower deck as clean as possible and free from grass clippings or dirt. To begin with, pull the handles of the mower back as far as they can go until they are parallel with the ground, and you should be able to access the blade and deck quite easily.

Cleaning Regimen

Clean off surface dirt and grass clippings with a stiff brush, and if you need to, use a small amount of water to release the stubborn and caked-on residue. You should do this on a regular basis to make it easier and never leave it for long periods of time. If you do, the dirt and grass will form a very hard layer which will be difficult to get rid of. Not only will this affect the performance of the blade, but it will make it much more difficult to manoeuvre the machine as well.

Air Filter

Some lawnmowers are equipped with an air filter, and this will need to be cleaned from time to time. Sometimes the filter can be washed and replaced, while at other times you may have to reinsert a new paper element. Don't overlook this task as it can significantly affect the performance of your machine.

Battery Tips

If your mower is electrically powered, you need to look at the battery performance from time to time. Some people advise that you should keep a mower battery on a constant, "trickle" charge in between work sessions so it will always be ready to spring into action. Try to store your mower in a relatively dry environment if you can, as this will help to elongate the life of the battery.

Seasonal Service

At least once per season, schedule a full service for your mower. Garden care equipment professionals can help to sharpen the cutter blades and can check the general performance of the machine.

If you follow all of these maintenance tips, then you can keep your garden in tiptop shape throughout the year.