Simple Guide for Your Manufacturing Business’s First Strapping Machine

Strapping is a crucial aspect of any manufacturing business that needs to bundle products from storage or transportation. Not only does strapping hold items together, but the material also functions to secure the items so that they are not at risk of damage. Therefore, strapping is especially critical if you are producing fragile goods. In years past, strapping was done by hand, but this has proved to be both arduous and time-intensive. Thus, industrialists would not have a productive business, which, in turn, had a negative influence on their bottom line. Fortunately, the advent of strapping machines will save you time while also taking on the toll of hard work. Nonetheless, purchasing the right strapping machine can be challenging if you do not know the options available to you. Here is a simple guide for your manufacturing business's first strapping machine.

Automatic machines

If your manufacturing business is designed to produce a massive volume of products in a go, you will find an automatic strapping machine the best option to keep up with your production line. Automatic strapping machines are characterised by their high performance that is unmatched by the other strapping alternatives. Therefore, they are a much-needed investment if you are to maintain high volumes of production. Furthermore, the only manual handling needed is for the operator to set a specific tension level for the strapping. Once this is done, all products will be sealed in a swift motion. All that is left to do is to collect the parcels and stack them, ready for transportation or storage.

Semi-automatic machines

If your budget is not compatible with an automatic strapping machine but you want some automation in the sealing process, then you should consider a semi-automatic strapping machine. Unlike their automatic counterparts, the semi-automatic variety is not suitable for large volume operations. But they are highly functional in small to medium-sized manufacturing businesses that produce a manageable volume of products. The semi-automatic strapping machines have the processes of sealing and cutting automated. However, an operator will have to set the tension and feed that strapping into the equipment manually.

Handheld machines

As the name implies, these strapping machines are operated by hand. Therefore, you will need an operator to oversee the entire strapping process. For this reason, the handheld variety is best suited to small manufacturing businesses. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they do not offer any benefits. Firstly, this type of strapping machine is suited to small spaces that will not be able to accommodate bulky machinery. Secondly, the equipment is portable, so you can move around and strap items at different locations!