Does your company need to use vibrating tables?

Does your business have any involvement in filling containers? If you have to regularly fill boxes, bags, drums or any other containers, you will understand how important it is to ensure that the material is correctly compacted. If you pour loose material into any container, the likely result is that the material will not lay evenly in the container. There will be plenty of air pockets and gaps, causing space to be wasted and an insufficient amount of the material to be packed. The best solution to this problem is to use vibrating tables or vibration platforms. Vibrating tables allow the material to settle and remove the gaps, ensuring that the material will completely fill each container.

What are the benefits of vibrating tables?

There are lots of reasons to use vibrating tables. If you are selling a product, you will want to ensure that the same amount of product will fit into every container. If filling the container has resulted in a peak, vibrating tables can help to flatten that peak. Levelling the material will allow a lid to be fitted, or a loaded bag to be tied without difficulty. If you are transporting material your company will be using elsewhere, vibrating tables can reduce your transport costs by allowing you to completely fill every container, reducing the total number of containers you must transport, and stabilising the bags for safer transport. If you are filling moulds, vibrating tables can ensure that the corners of the mould are completed filled and that there are no air bubbles present that could cause problems once the mould has set firm.

What vibrating tables are needed?

Many companies can offer standard vibrating tables. However, the size and shape of the vibrating table needed will depend on the nature of your business, and a bespoke offering might suit you better. Consider the material you want to transfer, the type and size of containers used as well as how the containers will be transferred on and off the vibrating tables. You might want to use a low-level compaction table for filling bulk bags. Perhaps, you want vibrating tables fitted with integrated scales or a working height vibration table for filling smaller containers or boxes. In other cases, a benchtop model could be the best solution if you are working with much smaller amounts of material.

Talk to a local supplier today and find out which vibrating tables could be best for your company.