A Buyer’s Guide to Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and bolts are some of the most critical and versatile fastening hardware you will need for a wide range of uses. These fastening equipment are designed to connect different pieces together. Usually, the bolt is the piece with a head and a threaded and unthreaded shaft. The unthreaded section helps prevent the bolt from snapping by carrying much of the load. On the other hand, the threaded section allows the nut (which has internal threads) to pull all your pieces together. Read More 

Does your company need to use vibrating tables?

Does your business have any involvement in filling containers? If you have to regularly fill boxes, bags, drums or any other containers, you will understand how important it is to ensure that the material is correctly compacted. If you pour loose material into any container, the likely result is that the material will not lay evenly in the container. There will be plenty of air pockets and gaps, causing space to be wasted and an insufficient amount of the material to be packed. Read More 

Top Reasons to Buy an Air Compressor for Your Construction Business

If you run a construction business, you probably aren't a stranger to working with different types of equipment and tools. However, you might not have purchased an air compressor to use when running your construction business, and you might not be totally sure of whether or not you should purchase one. An air compressor is a great piece of equipment to have when you're running a construction company for these reasons and more. Read More 

Tips for Buying Automotive Tools As an Automotive Technician Student

If you are currently in school to become an automotive technician, or if you are planning on enrolling in one of these programs sometime soon, then you might be thinking about purchasing automotive tools. After all, you might be required to have your own tools while you're in school, and you could be hoping to gather up a collection of tools that you can use when you graduate and start working as an automotive technician. Read More 

Why Use Metal O-Rings?

If you use O-ring seals on your manufacturing equipment and machines, then you have to choose the right material for the job. The conditions that the O-ring is under and the materials it comes into contact with can affect the seal's durability. While many O-rings are made from materials like rubber, plastics and polymers, some products are made of metal. In some cases, most of the seal has a metallic composition; in others, the O-ring contains some metal below its surface coating. Read More