Seat of Power: Choosing the Best Air Compressor for Your Furniture Workshop

Furniture manufacturing has come a long way from lone artisans toiling away with hand tools in cramped shacks. Modern furniture manufacturing operations both large and small require robust sources of power for the tools and timber processing machines they use, and industrial-grade air compressors are one of the most popular choices. Compressed air is an exceptional source of power for furniture manufacturers—it is efficient and reliable and presents much less of a fire hazard than other on-site power sources, an important consideration when your business is in timber and fabrics. Read More 

Benefits of Choosing Aluminium Waterjet Cutting for Your Business

Aluminium is one of the top industrial supplies, and this can be attributed to its versatile nature. Not only is aluminium a lightweight material that can be employed for a myriad of applications, but it is also rust-resistant, making it perfect for an array of environments. And when it comes to the fabrication of aluminium, cutting is the typical method used to shape and form this material. Just as aluminium can be applied for multiple uses, it can also be cut using different methods. Read More 

Have you considered using pneumatic vibrators?

Pneumatic vibrators are a vital tool in a wide range of industries, including construction, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, to handle a large number of practical tasks. These pneumatic vibrators work by converting pneumatic energy into mechanical energy which manifests itself in either a circular or linear vibratory movement. The force of the vibratory movement is generally adjusted by the operator regulating the pressure of the supplied airflow. If you are considering the advantages of using pneumatic vibrators in your industry, then you must be sure to select the most suitable vibrators for your application. Read More 

Top Reasons Why MIG Welders Are a Great Choice for Metalwork

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is one of the top methods of fabricating metals of the low alloy variety. It can be employed for an array of applications ranging from industrial work to residential repairs. While MIG welders are available in a variety of options, they tend to all provide you with the right results if you are using them for the proper applications. Thus, when deliberating on MIG welders, you have to determine if the one phase, three-phase or the one and three option is right for your needs. Read More 

Two mistakes that can result in accidents occurring in a factory

If you run a factory, it is very important to familiarise yourself with the type of errors that could result in accidents occurring in your facility. Here are two examples of mistakes that could lead to people being hurt. Failing to recognise the need for more frequent inspections of the safety equipment The safety equipment that is used in a factory is designed to mitigate many of the risks that come with using industrial equipment or performing dangerous types of activities in this environment. Read More